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What is the Damned Pirates Society?

A long time ago the Fortune’s Grasp was carrying families to settle on The Islands and start a new life. In the middle of their voyage they encountered a fearsome maelstrom.

The Captain and his crew worked tirelessly to keep the ship afloat. Badly damaged, the Ship limped to the edges of the storm. It was taking on water and the cries of terrified children could be heard above the crashing waves. Another ship appeared on the horizon, it’s light glowing brightly against the dark night.

The Captain of the Fortune’s Grasp ordered his crew to evacuate the families, but the fifty crew members ignored the Captain, abandoning ship, taking all means of escape with them. The Captain, left on the sinking ship, cursed the cowardly crew for damning those innocent souls to the watery depths.

Those Forsaken Fifty were marked with The Black Spot, doomed to row the high seas until the Reaper came to claim his mutinous crew to serve on the Ship Of The Damned.

However, if they could convince another soul to take their place at the oars, protection would be offered by those Pirates who’ve cheated the Reaper before. Those who’ve served and survived are welcome in the Damned Pirates Society.


Who can mint a Damned Pirate?

Only those who qualified by playing the Curse of the BLCKSPT game on twitter will be allowed to mint.

How many Items can I mint?

Each eligible account can mint One Pirate per day for Five days, or until the collection is sold out. There are 1,560 accounts eligible for mint, so everybody eligible is guaranteed at least 1 NFT. If the 3,000 NFT’s available are not minted by the end of day Five they will be burned.

Each person will have 24 hours to mint, fastest finger first will be from day two onwards. The daily purchase time limit is global not personal.

Fair distribution

There are no bonding curves or price tiers. Every owner of a Pirate will pay the same 1 MOVR price.

The Damned Pirates are ERC-721 tokens stored on Moonriver. Their visual data will be stored on IPFS.

How many traits are there?

Each Damned Pirate is unique and algorithmically generated from over 150 possible traits. This includes headwear, uniform, accessories and more. Each trait has a rarity percentage, making some Damned Pirates visually rarer than others.

What about the skill based traits?

Every Damned Pirate has three traits that will roll a skill level between 150 & 300. These skill based traits will affect how successful your pirate will be on the high seas. This means some Damned Pirates will be rarer than others in their skill ratings.

The Team & Goal

Damned Pirates were conceptualised by Davy Jones. The team came about through online NFT communities & real life friendships. The goal, to build a community to rival that of any in Crypto. The NFT’s are an entry into an exclusive club that will allow users to play the ‘gamified’ contracts, earning Doubloons & other Booty.

  • Davy Jones - Project Lead and Visionary
  • Long John Silver - Game Balancing & Creative Editor
  • Lost Bones - Lead Artist
  • Buccaneers - Artist
  • Calico Jack - Contract Developer
  • Benn Gunn - Dapp Developer

How much is the mint price?

The mint price is set at 1 MOVR.

What wallets do you support?

Currently our site only supports Metamask. In order to mint please ensure your funds are located in Metamask. We don’t recommend using a Ledger,Trezor Metamask Mobile for this mint as there may be unforeseen complications.